Matts Monitors Ltd offers a full LSO service for dust and gas monitor customers that do not have sufficient time or human resource to carry out the essential two weekly checks and filter changes required between the six monthly services.


The LSO service is an important part of the care of an air monitoring site as it keeps the equipment in good working order, ensures minimal data loss, and in turn scales the data for the customer.


Every Matts Monitors Ltd LSO visit will include a general inspection of the equipment, sample filter replacement, gas and zero testing on continuous gas analysers, leak checks, flow measurements, gas cylinder level noted, modem and communications fully tested. Gas, zero and post analyser parameters are then recorded.


Generally, faults detected will be resolved on site, but in the case of difficult or intermittent faults, the equipment will be returned to the workshop facility for thorough testing and repair.


Where a workshop repair is required, we can provide a “hot spare” (temporary replacement monitor) until the original equipment is re-installed.


Our LSO Engineers are always highly trained and up to date with all the latest equipment. Every service visit will generate a full customer service report within 48 hours to show the work has been fully completed.


Data Collection

Matts Monitors Ltd offers a full data collection service by way of website link, dial up modem, connecting via laptop; etc.


Our services include the supply of software solutions capable of downloading data from the widest range of air quality equipment which includes direct logging from the following manufacturers:


  • Environnement SA
  • Met One
  • Thermo
  • Teledyne-API
  • Monitor Labs/Europe
  • Rupprecht & Patashnick


Please enquire for more details about this service.

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