Matts Monitors Ltd supplies Dilution Calibrators and zero air generators for a range of calibration purposes.


The sample measurements and data downloads from any gas analyser are only ever as good as the quality of the calibration procedure and equipment used. The calibration of any gas analyser is of the upmost importance to the continued accurate and reliable data streaming, therefore is it paramount that the calibration equipment is of a good standard, maintained regularly and the calibration procedures are carried out down to the letter.


Our range of dilution calibrators and zero air generators can be used for QA/QC audits and checking, linearity checks, gas phase titration (GPT) checks.They can be supplied for portable use or left permanently on site for performing calibrations.


A tri mix high concentration cylinder can be used and the dilution calibrator will generate various gas types from the specific cylinder. Ozone can also be generated with the photometer (bench) option.



Our range of equipment can be used in the following applications:

  • QA/QC audits
  • Roadside ambient air monitoring calibrations
  • Laboratory Calibrations



Our dilution calibrators have the following benefits:

  • Low energy use (200 watts)
  • Bluetooth as standard for checking settings and viewing parameters on site
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Customer friendly design and ease of use
  • Blue high definition display
  • Good reliability
  • USB, Serial, Bluetooth and remote connection capabilities
  • Pressurised span/zero valves option
  • IZS permeation oven and valves option
  • EN and MCERTS approved
  • 19” Rack mount capability
  • Lockable Front Panel
  • Range of purchase options available – Finance, rental
  • Modern and industry proven design
  • Gold standard
Sabo 2030 Portable Ozone Transfer Standard

Sabo 2030 Portable Ozone Transfer Standard

Zero air generator 8301 series

Zero air generator

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